In Summary SVB’s crash and bailout will slow the home price crash, but the Fed will decide. Short Term: Home prices will find support due to a sudden…

February 2023

Economic conditions are evolving but the Fed remains hawkish so far.

September 2022

Construction jobs are at risk. Home prices will survive this climate.

July 2022

It's more complicated than you think.

June 2022

You might want to avoid these 10 cities...

May 2022

Housing affordability is a national crisis. It's only going to get worse.

March 2022

The war will reduce both the demand and supply of housing.

February 2022

We examined every urban neighborhood in the US.

January 2022

After a lot of analysis, we strongly believe that home prices will keep on rising!
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December 2021

We need to build more homes. The Act does not address this.

November 2021

More jobs, higher wages, fewer homes.